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What Is A Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck removes extra skin and fat from the abdomen and can be used to tighten up weakened muscles. Many patients come to see me after changes in their tummy from pregnancy, weight change, or just simple aging.

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Benefits Of An Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

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The localized weight gain of pregnancy or the gain and subsequent loss of a large amount of weight can stretch the skin and support tissues of the abdomen to such a degree that they cannot tighten back down to their former degree of tautness. With pregnancy, the muscles that support the lower abdomen can actually become separated in the center. None of these changes can be fixed with exercise or changes in diet. Even at their ideal weight, patients are disappointed by sagging, loose skin. They wonder what happened to their former firm, contoured tummy.

That’s where a tummy tuck with Dr. Coleman comes in. By removing excess sagging skin, bringing separated muscles back to the center, and removing pockets of fat as needed, a tummy tuck firms and flattens the tummy, and in many patients, it can actually decrease the waist size as muscles are repositioned.

These surgeries can really help mothers who are disappointed by the changes in their figures that have come with pregnancy and childbirth. Or if a woman has gained weight, but then put in the hard work to lose it, the sagging stomach they are left with can really be a downer. Tummy tucks change all of that, firming and contouring the abdomen.

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Candidates For Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Our patients sometimes wonder if they should simply have liposuction, rather than tummy tuck surgery. The question comes down to loose, sagging skin. Especially with pregnancy, the localized nature of the weight gain stretches the skin so much it loses its elasticity. As a metaphor, think of a rubber band that has been stretched around a large object for a period of time. When it’s removed, it cannot return to its former size or tightness. It has lost elasticity. The same thing can happen with the skin on the lower abdomen.

Also, as mentioned above, the stomach muscles can become separated in the center. No matter what sort of exercises you do, those muscles can never return to the center without surgical repositioning.

Those conditions are ideal for a tummy tuck. Sagging, inelastic skin, and separated stomach muscles.

However, if you have a stomach pooch, but you still have good elasticity in your skin, you may only need liposuction. After the fat is removed, the skin can tighten back down. If your skin has lost that elasticity, though, liposuction alone will only exacerbate the loose, sagging appearance.

Candidates for tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Coleman need to be within 10 percent of their ideal body weight. This is because any subsequent weight loss will create additional sagging.

Also, if you’re even contemplating having another child, this is not the time for this procedure with Dr. Coleman. During your consultation he will talk with you about this. If you have this surgery and then become pregnant, or gain a good deal of weight, the improvements made will be negated. You can actually distort the surgical incision scar.

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Types of Tummy Tucks Offered by Dr. Coleman

There a three common types of tummy tucks and I will work with each patient to ensure that the proper procedure is performed.

The Mini-Tummy Tuck

The Mini-Tummy Tuck removes a small amount of skin from the lower abdomen and is a
good way to remove an unsightly scar from a previous surgery, like a C-section. This
incision is placed low on the abdomen and may even include some of the pubic hair
region. It is ideal for women who want to wear two-piece bathing suits. The navel is left
alone during this procedure type.

The Formal Tummy Tuck

The Formal Tummy Tuck is an all-inclusive surgery that can reduce almost any amount of
skin and fat and tightens above and below the navel. It offers the most flexibility for
patients who have a lot of excess skin and weakened muscles. It can be combined with
many other procedures.

The Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck is a combination of a formal abdominoplasty with removal
skin around the entire waistline and can include lifting of skin of the lateral thighs. It can
also be used to lift the skin of the buttocks. This is ideal for patients who have had
bariatric surgery.

How Long Will The Results From A Tummy Tuck Last?

These are permanent changes in the contour of your abdomen. The excess skin and fat removed by Dr. Coleman in these procedures are gone for good. Also, if he has repositioned your separated stomach muscles, that repair is permanent. If you maintain a healthy weight and make exercise a part of your life moving forward, you will enjoy your slimmer contoured abdomen the rest of your life. You will, of course, have some sagging that comes with aging, but it will be minimal if you keep your weight in line.

Abdominoplasty Recovery Process

Male & female couple in swimsuits jogging on the beachTummy tuck surgery recovery is involved, due to the size of the incisions and cutting and repairing the abdominal muscles. There will be some pain, but the amount varies by the individual. Your recovery isn’t as much about pain, as it is about inconvenience. You won’t be able to lift anything over 8 pounds for a while. Standing up straight will be difficult for a bit. You willl be encouraged to walk after your surgery and should take a short walk three or four times a day for just a few minutes each time.

You will have to walk a little hunched over and the skin of your abdomen may feel tight. If you have drains, they will be removed anywhere from four days to two weeks after your surgery. You’ll wear a compression garment to help your skin adapt to its new slimmer contour. You’ll wear your compression garments for at least a month. Most patients can return to work two weeks after their surgery, but this is an individual thing — it may take longer. Any strenuous exercise or lifting will have to wait for at least six weeks.

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Can I Have An Abdominoplasty If I’m Still Going To Have Additional Children?

As mentioned above, Dr. Coleman stresses that his tummy tuck patients be absolutely sure they are not going to have any additional children. That’s because the localized weight gain of pregnancy will negate all the gains made by this surgery. Stomach skin will again be stretched, creating the same problem that caused you to want this surgery.

If you are even considering having additional children, this is not the time for a tummy tuck.

Risks Of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dr. Coleman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and his extensive skill set and experience ensure these will be safe and satisfying procedures. Of course, this is surgery, so all of the typical risks involved with any surgery are applicable here: excessive bleeding, poor incision healing, reaction to anesthesia, formation of blood clots, and the like.

The main risk involved with tummy tuck surgery is uneven healing of the incision. This is not a problem with experienced surgeons, such as Dr. Coleman. Also, the lower abdomen doesn’t have as many nerves as more sensitive areas of the body, so pain is not a major factor in recovery from abdominoplasty.

“Dr. Coleman has been a blessing to me- he takes the time to explain everything! I would highly recommend Dr. Coleman to anyone who is looking for a high quality doctor.” - M.G.

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