I work at St Lukes Hospital where a lot of other plastic surgeons work. I have had the chance to see Dr. Coleman’s work in cosmetic surgery and in complex microsurgical cases. He is a perfectionist and is well known for it.

He takes a little longer than some of the other surgeons, but it really shows in how natural his patients look afterwards. There are several of us who agree, he does the best breasts in our hospital.

San Antonio, Texas

I am pleased with my surgery and breast reconstruction. I have not had any complications, and my new breast looks just like the other breast. Dr. Coleman was very good and took very good care of me when I was recuperating.

San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Coleman did my eyes about 10 years ago. I had a lot of extra skin but I was a male, and I was afraid that I might look feminine after surgery. His pictures convinced me that I was in the right hands. I was amazed how much better I looked, and was really happy with the fact that I simply looked younger and fresher without looking like I had had surgery. My wife chose him to do her surgery the next year. It has been 10 years, and I am still very happy with how I look even after years in the sun playing tennis.

GB and SB
San Antonio, Texas

I love my new breasts! When a few of my friends had breast augmentations by another surgeon in San Antonio, I was horrified with how big he made them, and how unnatural they looked. I saw photos by Dr. Coleman, and they all seemed much more natural. I am also glad he talked me into using the anatomic shaped implants. Sometimes I can feel the implant beneath my breast, but the shape is wonderful. After seeing the work of some other doctors, I can say that I definitely look more normal than most. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks, Dr. Coleman, for giving me just the right size and shape. I’ll keep sending more of my friends.

Gonzalez, Tx.

I heard of Dr. Coleman, from a relative who had surgery by him. My husband and I both came to visit in San Antonio and both of us were so impressed with the photos he showed us. We even got to talk to a few patients who were delighted with him not only as a surgeon, but as an honest and kind person. My husband had nothing less than a miraculous facelift. I had liposuction and a breast reduction. We couldn’t be happier. I have since shown my breasts to more people than I ever dreamed of, because I am so proud of them. I have yet to find someone who has the fine scars that I do, or the shape Dr Coleman gave me. My husband had a lot of swelling after the surgery, but it all went down in a few days. At one year, he still looks 15 years younger than he used to.

All I can say is “Dr Coleman, you are the greatest!”

Brenda and Jack,
Louisville, Kentucky


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