What is the recovery from surgery like?

Recovery from surgery is different for everyone. Throughout this time, patients have initially weekly post-operative appointments with Dr. Coleman to ensure that healing is happening appropriately, and any and all concerns are addressed. Usually patients can return to work in 1 week for breast surgery and 2 weeks for abdominal and facial surgery. It is typically 3 months for complete recovery.

Where will my procedure be performed?

Dr. Coleman completes procedures in both Ambulatory Surgery Centers and at various Hospitals. The location is determined by Dr. Coleman based on the procedures being done and the associated risks. Dr. Coleman discusses all of this with patients during the consultation phase. 

What are the possible risks of surgery?

All surgeries come with risks, but Dr. Coleman reviews these with each patient before surgery. Dr. Coleman also adheres to the strict guidelines put out by the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Those can be found at www.plasticsurgery.org/patient-safety/. The most urgent risk is excess bleeding. This only occurs in 1 in every 1200 patients nationwide and Dr. Coleman’s statistics are much better than those. The second is infection, which is another rare complication with about the same rates as bleeding. 

Do you take insurance?

Dr. Coleman does not accept insurance for cosmetic procedures. After the consultation, the patient will receive a price quote from Dr. Coleman. Payment is due 2 weeks before the surgery. Fees for a plastic surgeons’ services vary widely, depending on the complexity and extent of the procedure and problem being corrected.

What happens during the consultation?

During the patient’s initial consultation, Dr. Coleman will discuss in detail the patient’s goals, the options for treatment, the expected results and the possible risks. He has a wide variety of excellent literature and audio/visual programs designed to help the patient understand the surgical correction of his or her problem. Usually the consult visit will be about an hour and Dr. Coleman encourages additional complimentary visits until the patient is content with the information and feel confident moving forward with the procedure. As Dr. Coleman says, “If there is one forte I hold above all others, it is the informed patient.” 

Why should I choose Dr. Coleman?

Dr. Coleman is a highly respected plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, who received his training from the best surgical programs in the country. He focuses on providing his patients with results that look natural and proportionate. Extreme detail is placed on every detail of what constitutes excellent results, including minimal scarring


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