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Mommy MakeoverBecoming a mother can be one of life’s most satisfying times. But it’s not really fair what the whole process does to your figure. Gaining the weight with pregnancy, the hormone changes, the increasing and then decreasing breasts, the formerly tight stomach that is now has a permanent pooch, fat pockets that have taken up residence. It’s all bogus.

And for many of these circumstances, exercise and diet changes won’t remedy them.

But a mommy makeover with Dr. Coleman can get you back the body you remember from your days B.K., before kids. A mommy makeover is really just a combination of procedures that target the issues created by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

What is a mommy makeover?

Every patient’s situation is unique. Some women’s breasts grew more than others, so they now have more sagging. Others had stomach skin and muscle that stretched to a greater degree, creating a more prominent pooch. Every patient’s situation is individual, and Dr. Coleman works with you to customize the areas you want to address. A mommy makeover typically involves a breast lift with or without augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction.

Who could benefit from a mommy makeover?

If you’ve had a child or children and now find that your abdominal skin and muscles are stretched and loose, if you have fat deposits in certain areas of the body such as your thighs, and if your breasts are sagging and have lost volume — those are all conditions that are excellent for a mommy makeover.

These procedures are not like getting Botox, however. They are surgery. So, it’s important that you are sure you are not going to have any more children. Why is this a big deal? The process of pregnancy and birth will simply negate any improvements made by your mommy makeover procedures. Also, you should have lost most if not all of your pregnancy weight and have been at a stable weight for a few months.

The procedures

These are the procedures Dr. Coleman will combine into a single surgical session:

  • Tummy tuck— The goal in a tummy tuck is to regain a firm, sculpted lower and mid-abdomen area. Dr. Coleman makes one incision at the bikini line and often a second at the belly button. Then he tightens underlying muscles and trims excess skin before reattaching the skin in a tighter contour.
  • Liposuction— This minimally invasive procedure can be stand-alone, or in combination with your tuck. Tiny incisions are made, a saline solution (combined with anesthetic and adrenaline) is injected, and then a cannula is inserted to suction out the unwanted fat pockets. This is not for weight loss, but for contouring.
  • Breast lift— A breast lift returns the breasts to a higher, firmer position on the chest. Excess skin will likely be trimmed, and the nipple complex probably moved higher. A lift can be accompanied by augmentation to regain lost volume or to increase size. It’s easy for Dr. Coleman to add implants during a breast lift, as he can place them through the incisions he has already made for the lift.

Want to use Dr. Coleman’s time machine and return your figure to your days before children? Call us at (210) 251-4362 and set up a consultation for a mommy makeover.

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