Dr. Coleman's Comments:

Gynecomastia is important to treat, because there is a small but ever-present incidence of cancer in males. Any growing breast mass in a male warrants evaluation. Although most teenagers will develop this to some degree, it is usually self-limited but warrants follow-up.

In older adults, the sudden appearance is rare, and biopsies or removal is indicated.
Although a lot of the mass is often fatty tissue, the mass immediately behind the nipple is usually hard breast tissue. I recommend removing this through a small incision in the lower margin of the nipple.

The most common complication for this surgery is simply not removing enough of the tissue to provide a satisfactory improvement in appearance.
If done well, the fat is thoroughly suctioned and there is nothing left but skin and a thin layer of fat, After surgery, I have patients wear a compression vest for about 1 week, and sometimes even longer.

If men have very large breasts, I recommend liposuction and mass removal first; then removal of redundant skin at a later date, to allow the skin envelope to shrink a little, minimizing the need for a lengthy scar. I can usually conceal the scar along the inferior edge of the breast crease.
It is a rewarding and safe operation for those who need it.

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