Dr. Coleman's Comments:

Many people do not realize that a facelift is not any one operation that is repeated on every patient. In fact, a facelift will be done in different ways by different surgeons. An experienced surgeon (who can learn from his experience) tailors the procedure to the needs and wants of the patient. There are also different philosophies on how to treat the skin and the muscles of the face. For years, doctors simply undermined the skin and stretched it backwards. In the “80's, we discovered that longer lasting results could be obtained by working with the muscle layers and the submuscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). By treating this supporting framework, the skin holds up longer. In the past five years, we have become bolder in our exploration of the face and learned that with a good knowledge of anatomy, the malar fat pad can be repositioned. This trend has provided a more natural rejuvenation of the cheek, and, with it, the corners of the mouth are also lifted.

As we have become more aggressive, we have also encountered more swelling that can last up to several months. But the results are improving, and patients are looking much more natural.

I combine facelifts with forehead lifts, eyelid lifts, lip augmentatons, dermabrasions, malar fat pad elevations, and whatever else suits the individual needs. You will see in my photos that my patients look natural. I have done away with the "operated look"” No one change stands out. Yet the overall appearance is fresher and more youthful.

Patient Photos

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