Breast Reduction

Dr. Coleman's Comments:

Breast Reduction can be done by a number of different methods. I have tried them all. As flexible as I try to be with individual patients, I have found the standard keyhole pattern breast lift gives the most reliable results.

Surgeons have popularized the circumareolar lift because it only involves a scar around the nipple. But when the breast is lifted in this way, the entire weight of the breast is hung from a small part of the upper incision, and it results in a wide scar. The nipple very often enlarges with time; and the shape does not look as natural.

There is another method popularized by Scoog and others, where a flap is made from the nipple to reposition it. When this is done, the patient permanently loses sensation in this area.

The vertical lift popularized by Dr. Madeline La Jour holds promise for a select group of patients with limited skin between the nipple and the chest. The link for the breast lift in the ASPS web site shows the way I have evolved to over the years. It is the oldest method known, but it also provides the best shape in my hands.

I also use nothing but absorbable sutures and place three layers. By protecting the incisions with steri-strips for a full six weeks, the scars are barely noticeable, as can be seen with the following photos.

Patient Photos

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