Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Coleman's Comments:

Putting things simply, you can reconstruct breasts with implants or your own tissues. Your own tissues can come from your abdomen, back, or buttocks.
Each area has its own merit and technical challenges. If you have abdominal fat and are other wise in good health, this has the best track record of getting a good result. Using microsurgical techniques has also improved the results, because better blood supply can be given to the tissue by sewing arteries together to nourish the flap. The surgeries are technically demanding and if an artery clots, the results can be ruined; however, the success rate is around 95%.

My next preferred area is the latisimus muscle from the back. This is the oldest tried and true technique that does not require sewing vessels together and can give excellent results if patients have adequate fat and tissue here, and the breast is not too large. The surgery also takes less time.

I prefer to avoid tissue expanders as these are fraught with the highest incidence of problems. Often the skin is too thin, it does not look natural, and the implants can cause problems of their own with capsule contracture, infection, and pain. I feel that this route should be reserved for people who absolutely cannot or will notlengthy operation. have surgery on another part of the body and cannot withstand a

These photos are examples of microsurgical and non -microsurgical transplants from the abdomen, latisimus flaps, and with and without implants. Hopefully these will convince you that any of these techniques can give a good result if the right decisions are made for the right patient.

Patient Photos

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