Correcting ptosis

Dr. Coleman's Comments:

Ptosis or drooping of the breasts comes from three things:

  1. the stretching of the upper skin due to the weight of the breast.
  2. the shrinkage of a previously enlarged breast.
  3. the loss of elasticity that comes with time.

The operation of choice depends on the elasticity, degree of ptosis, and amount of actual breast tissue there is to work with.

If the skin is stretched, most likely, some form of skin removal is needed. If a breast has shrunk after having been enlarged from nursing a child, there is a large envelope with little breast tissue contained within it. In these cases the patient may elect to simply have her breasts enlarged to fit the envelope. I have found that an aggressive augmentation with an implant shaped to provide as much forward projection as feasible will suit this purpose well. In some cases the nipple may still be slightly lower than natural, but it can be corrected with a simple nipple lift instead of the keyhole shaped excisions of the classic breast lift.

Here are some cases where augmentation worked very well. One case demonstrates a nipple lift. You will see that the scars for this are almost invisible.

Patient Photos:


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