Breast Augmentation

Dr. Coleman's Comments:

There are two differing philosophies about breast augmentation. Some surgeons encourage patients to go a little larger than they initially want because so many people come back later wishing they were "just a little bit bigger." My philosophy for augmentations is to make the patient look natural. In my experience, some patients who have very large implants eventually wish they were actually smaller. With time the breast tissues thin out; and it leaves fewer options for revision. Sometimes people begin to droop a lot and it is hard to lift their breasts when the tissues are too thin. If breasts are already very ptotic (drooping) then I will often recommend a breast lift in addition to augmentation. Finally, it is very important to know that no two breasts are mirror images of each other. Though we can make improvements, there is no way to make both breasts perfectly symmetrical. For this reason it is important to have realistic expectations as to what simple implants can do for you.

Breast Augmentation is my favorite surgery. I take real pride in a very meticulous technique. I use only absorbable sutures under the arm so patients can avoid the pain of taking the stitches out. I am one of only a few surgeons who specialize in placing anatomic shaped implants with the use of an endoscope with a small incision under the arm. Because these implants aren't perfectly round they offer a lot of options in positioning to get just the right look. Many surgeons avoid using these because they are more expensive and they require a lot more care and time to insert properly. Although I offer the use of the less expensive smooth round implants, over the past seven years I have come to like the McGhan Anatomic implants the most and usually recommend these to my patients. The photos will show that the anatomic implants look much more natural. There isn't the telltale bulge at the top of the breast seen with some of the round implants. Because these are textured, I have seen much fewer problems with capsular contractures. I have added comments for some of the pictures that will help to guide you in your decisions.

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